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Vanessa Murphy Company Culture

Your people are the value in your company

If I asked you what your business or team culture was, would you be able to describe it and explain how it works in

your favour?


 Welcome, I'm Vanessa a HR, People and Company Culture consultant and I partner with small businesses, startups, project teams and newly formed teams on all things people and culture.

I’m a change maker, facilitator, trainer and coach based out of Melbourne, Australia and I work online and in person.

My aim is to co-design organisation cultures where generating business performance and enabling people to be human are equal.


So if that is your vibe or you want to know how to get there, let's start up a conversation

About me...

Vanessa Murphy Consultant

If you are passionate about building the best company culture possible, I have the expertise and experience to help.

I am a culture expert and I use creative ways to empower people, managers and leaders at work to improve employee engagement, retention, productivity and a deep sense of belonging at work


I've had an interesting journey to where I am today.  The many twists and turns of my career now enable me to fully understand anything that clients present to me.  I bring a fresh perspective to everything I do because I haven't had a traditional linear career. I’m curious and ask lots of questions and I love to get to the root cause of problems. By doing so I can really hone in on the problems to solve and offer solutions that will make the biggest difference to you, your culture and your business.

People and Culture Solutions consultant

Confidence Coach and Women in Confidence podcast host

HR Director

Certified Elephant Rider (Check out what this means here - it is not what you think)

Organisation Development Expert

Senior HR Business Partner

HR Consultancy owner

Royal Navy Officer



Reiki Healer

A sure sign of a soul-based workplace is excitement, enthusiasm, real passion; not manufactured passion, but real involvement. And there's very little fear.

David Whyte


Vanessa is highly capable to identify key strategies and actions to support the business goals and does not need to be given specific instructions or setting of priorities. Vanessa takes her responsibilities very seriously and you can rely on Vanessa to take proactive ownership of the area of the business she is responsible for. She delivers what is required for the business to support the business goals

– Robin Giles, Director, Toyota GB (PLC)


Vanessa seemed to enjoy and engage with the high-level strategic planning element of the role, making sure that our people oriented goals and ambitions could be realised in the longer term. She was able to deploy her HR team to implement the plans she developed, allowing her to fully utilise her own strategic skills which were complemented by the practical operational skills of her team. This deployment of differing team skills and resources is exactly why we hired Vanessa

– Mark Goldspink, CEO Purcell Architecture Ltd

I had the pleasure of working with Vanessa during her term as People Director at Purcell Architects. She is a very energetic and dynamic person and she brought some healthy challenge and refreshing ideas to a Board of Directors who had not previously considered the people aspect of the business in quite the same way. As a person, Vanessa is very engaging and inspires others to act in ways that stretch them beyond their personal zone of comfort. She is very strategic in her approach and is very much someone who likes to get on with decision making and implementation of new ideas rather than procrastinating over which direction to take. Vanessa was pivotal in developing and launching a number of transformational people programs at Purcell.

– Richard Henson, Operations Partner, Purcell Architecture Ltd


Vanessa joined Zipcar UK as Head of HR shortly after the company had been acquired and during her tenure the Company was acquired again. Two integrations in short order present unique challenges for senior managers and Vanessa's skills and style lent themselves extremely well to the situations faced.

- David Cruickshank, was Operations Manager, Zipcar UK

Listen to my Women in Confidence podcast to hear amazing women talk about how they have gained confidence

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