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If you are looking for management success then you are in the right place.

To support you to make breakthroughs in your work life and your management practice, I will work with you as part coach and part mentor.  You hold the key to your potential but I will help you unlock your dreams, goals and solutions.

I believe in giving busy and ambitious people the time to pause, to reflect, to tune in to their own greatness, so that they can regroup for their next leap forward.


My Story

I am passionate about enabling individuals to become the best versions of themselves.

I enjoy working with clients all over the World and facilitating their self-growth as a manager. If you are feeling overwhelmed by work and life’s demands, my coaching aims to introduce clarity, control and self-motivation.  I teach techniques to get into the mindset of a manager and help you better manage the emotional stresses of work.

I've been managing people for over 25 years and I have worked in the people space for the majority of those years.  I've worked for huge global organisations as well as small start-ups so I have plenty of experience I can share with you.  As a HR Director, I've implemented successful mentoring schemes and created coaching cultures.  I am also an ILM qualified Coach and Mentor.  

Managing people can be confusing, frustrating and exhausting - sometimes you feel stuck and out of ideas (believe me I've been there too). I want you to use my experience and knowledge to help you move forward.  Get in touch and reach your potential.


Human Centric Approach

I offer 1:1 management success coaching sessions that will nurture your mind, body, heart and spirit.  Through this approach I an help you overcome personal & professional challenges, and allow you to achieve your individual goals with ease (and even have fun).

I cater to each of my client’s personal needs in order to unlock their full potential. Contact me to start your journey towards being the best manager possible today.

Below are some of the ways you can work with me but I recommend emailing me to arrange a discovery call, then we can co-design your future.

1-1 Management Success Coaching

Clarity, Inspiration & Direction

Work throws many surprises and stresses at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With my coaching sessions, you’ll learn to understand yourself perfectly and how to manage yourself effectively in order for you to manage others.
I love coaching new managers as well as managers who realise it's time for a refresh.  All I ask is that you come to the session willing to learn and grow.

Management Coaching Circle

Making Connections to support your growth

If you prefer group sessions, then coaching circles are a safe space for you to meet other managers, talk and problem solve.  You can think out the box, think out loud or just listen to others.  They are a great place to learn new skills, develop some new techniques and make rapid progress on your professional development.  My coaching circles happen once a month you will be joined by managers from a variety of industries and sectors.

Managing Culture Workshops

When leaders recognise emotions in the workplace, and consciously shape them, they can better serve and motivate their people and create a great company culture.

This service is a favourite among many of my business clients who are finding themselves leading or managing change. I will help you and your business to achieve a co-designed company culture which is aligned to the company vision and purpose.  After just one group session, you will become well-equipped to have face-to-face conversations about culture and leadership.  It will help you drive bottom up change in your workplace.

Water Ripple

“If we hope to go anywhere or develop ourselves in any way, we can only step from where we are standing. If we don't really know where we are standing... We may only go in circles...”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Image by William Daigneault

I love hearing from people so get in touch

0474 746 717


How you can work with me

Management Success Coaching & Consulting

1:1 Management Success Coaching - Stepping up

Stepping Up can be your 1st step into Management Success Coaching. We will identify what you want to achieve and together we will rapidly start to work towards achieving your ambitions.

Prices start from $265 for a 1 hour session

1:1 Management Success Coaching - Accelerating Up

Accelerating is a more focussed coaching package to really dial up your transformation.  This package gives you more 1:1 sessions with me and together we will rapidly and dramatically change around your management life.

$1040 for 4 x 1hr coaching sessions

1:1 Management Success Coaching - Blast Off

Coming Soon


5 Reasons why a coach can help YOU!

The 5 Cs of Coaching



CLARITY - A coach can help you make sense of all the things you've got going on in your brain.  Coaches can help your 'muddle' become organised thinking.


CONFIDENCE - Working with a management success coach can make you feel more confident about yourself as a manager.


COURAGE - A coach can help you feel more courageous about training new stuff


COMFORT - A coach will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.


CHEERLEADER - A coach will be right behind you, cheering you on, every step over the way.

Blue and White Step by Step Process Char

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