I have always been able to manage people and I get enormous enjoyment out of it. 

These might not be words you say yourself, just yet, but I really do enjoy managing people and teams.  I know that other people find it a struggle and that is why I set up my business - to share my knowledge and experience to make management a great experience (for all involved)

I started leading people way before I knew what leadership even meant but instinctively I knew that it involved communication and confidence. However, my first professional step into management and leadership as an Officer in the Royal Navy. Without a doubt the exposure to managing people in all environments was the best management education I could have wished for.  

Don't get me wrong though - it hasn't been easy and at first I struggled - I was 24 and trying to figure out how my style of leadership and management fitted into the masculine environment of a military environment.  As it turned out my approach to management worked perfectly and I learnt that truly knowing people, being authentic and having powerful conversations was a great place to start.  I have some management battle scars though and I learnt very quickly what did and didn't work.

Fast forward many years and many great, crazy and too weird to explain experiences later, I landed a Head of HR role for a fast growing innovative organisation.  My civilian career in HR has seen me work with small start ups, huge multi-national organisations and design focussed creative studios as the leader and manager of the people and culture space.  No matter what these organisations are selling, at the root of their success is their people and the quality of their people managers.  I absolutely believe that it is managers that make or break an organisation  - the deliverers who are on the 'front line'.  But very often people managers are neglected because management is not a sexy as leadership. 



Managers need more investment not less.

My thoughts...

  • I am action focussed and like to get s**t done

  • I love being around people - I am a classic extrovert but know when to dial it back

  • I like a bit of management theory but I prefer knowing about management stuff that actually works

  • Management is enjoyable - I promise

  • I like to have a laugh and don't take myself too seriously

If you are stuck in a people management rut and the above resonate with you then work with me - check out my services to see what will work best for you.  You can start with my 8-week programme which has been designed to take you from management disaster to management diamond in a short space of time.  If you just want a more bespoke route to management success then 1-1 coaching is what you need. 


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I look forward to working with you