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Conscious Confidence Bootcamp

If you like the idea of learning the mindset and skill set to be more confident whilst being part of a community of like-minded women; then this the Bootcamp is the right approach.

The Bootcamp lasts 6 weeks and is a practice driven way to gain a confident mindset coupled with some proven tools and techniques. 

My job is to guide you to achieve the outcomes you want. After the Bootcamp, you will become well-versed at handling yourself with confidence. 

I'm Interested

Next Bootcamp starts September 2021

What will we cover in
Conscious Confidence?

Week 1

What is going on here?

It all starts here.  This week you will work out who you are and what is going on with your confidence levels.  We will look at your ideal state and set out a plan to reach it

Week 2

What are my habits and are they working for me?

We get under the skin of your habits - identify what they are, why they are holding you back and what you can do about it

Week 3

Let's talk confidently

Many people struggle to be confident communicators yet it is a vital part of our jobs.  This week you will nail how to handle difficult conversations and moments that matter.

Week 4

Dare to be different

Are you using the same methods and tools and getting the same results?  This week you will become consciously confident by being challenged to try something different to test and learn.

Week 5

I am enough!!!

When you truly believe you are enough you will exude self confidence.  We will do some deep work on your beliefs and banish some of the demons

Week 6

What next?

You are now well on the way to achieving your ideal confident self.  This week you will map out a plan to keep you learning and growing.  This is the start of something beautiful.


You receive ...

  • 6 x 90 minute live sessions with me (they will be recorded and posted to the FB group)

  • Access to a women only Facebook Community solely focussed on confidence at work

  • Downloadable PDF workbooks that you can refer to time and time again

  • Discounted 1-1 coaching session

  • A comprehensive further resources guide to continue your growth

  • BUT most importantly you become CONFIDENT

The next Conscious Confidence Bootcamp starts September 2021 - to be informed when enrolment starts, please send me your contact details (below).

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