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Updated: Dec 14, 2021

My guest this week, on Women in Confidence, is Berta Sanchez Velar. Here is a quote from our recent conversation about being confident in and out of the workplace.

She makes a good point that many of us are different people at work. Normally people are confident in their personal life because they have more control and choice over their environment, who they associate with, what they can say Yes or No to etc. Whereas in work many of these choices are dictated and immoveable. The more control you have, the more confident you can be.

Yet Berta says that regardless of work life or home life - you are the same person and we should take that same person to any environment. In the podcast, she uses the analogy of moving around the rooms of a house and taking the same person with you into each room; which is fitting for an architect.

Does this meeting of the two come with experience, maturity, not giving a damn or something else?

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