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I am now on TikTok

Much to my kid's horror and embarrassment I have decided to step into the world of TikTok. Much to their relief I am not posting myself doing dances in a bikini!

This move came about because one of my guests (Linda Ugelow) on my Women In Confidence podcast recommended it to me. She is a coach and she wasn't getting many views of her content on other social media channels so she took the step onto TikTok. From those first steps she has posted over a hundred videos and has 166.2k followers. Holy crap that is a lot of people.

Even though my kids thinks that their mum being on TikTok is 'cringe' I am following Linda's lead. As I am writing this, I have posted 15 videos and I plan to do one daily for the next 30 days. I am feeling more comfortable doing videos day by day and I am sure after 30 days I will be a pro plus I will have got my head around editing and posting. I am sure I will look back at my earlier videos and be as embarrassed as my kids currently are.

The results, so far, have been positive. Sure I am not reaching 3.6 million views (one of Linda's videos has) yet but I am slowly growing and audience. I am getting over 200 views per video and I feel like people are starting to engage with my content. Check it out using this link

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