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New Beginnings

I resigned from my job recently and for all the right reasons

The world of work has changed, is changing and will continue to change – the opening up of more opportunities to work part time, freelance, on-demand, gig work etc is a wave I now want to ride. I have knowledge, skills, expertise and experience I want to share with many organisations: not just one. Progressive businesses are now looking at their workforce models and realising that the traditional ways of working might not be supporting their business needs – do all roles need to be permanent and full time or do you need skills only when required and for a limited duration? That is where the freelancer/gig worker steps in – to support businesses right at the point of need. Organisations such as Werkling and Michelle Fotheringham are providing companies with the talent they need but in a more agile way than a traditional resourcing firm – get in touch with them if you are curious.

Additionally, Covid-19 has accelerated the change to a ‘working to live’ approach. The long lock downs and the flip flopping of working from home to being allowed to return to the office, to working from home to back to the office again and the increasing requirement of HR professionals to deal with the myriad of challenges and mental health concerns as a result of the previously mentioned flip flopping, made me reflect on what I valued in my life and from my work. I am not quite burnt out but I am tired and want to get back to what matters the most to me – working with great companies through developing the best people & culture approach

Following on from working to live, I have a number of projects that need my attention. My coaching practice and my beloved podcast gets squeezed into the margins of my day and I need to give them the space and time to flourish. I also want to focus more of my time on working with organisations who want to understand their culture; who want to know what people think and feel and how they experience being in their business so that they can purposefully co-design an amazing place to work. Also I want to spend time with my teenage kids before they fly the nest and/or I become too uncool to hang out with.

If you have a need for some HR expertise, need a HR & Culture project starting, are interested in implementing a culture audit or just want to chat about all things people and culture then please get in touch. VM Consulting and Coaching is now open for business


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