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New Women in Confidence episode

The latest Women in Confidence episode is now live. This week features Corrinda Taylor who is a leadership mentor.

Corrinda gave me a wonderful insight into her journey from a law degree through a career in HR to being a business owner and all her confidence twists and turns. Corrinda now runs Future Transcendence with the purpose to elevate the consciousness of leaders to create happy and healthy businesses worldwide. She is also the author of 'Finding your Soul Purpose' which is a practical guide to:

  • Understand why you are here

  • Follow your soul's roadmap to create abundance and joy

  • Shine with your talents and transmute your challenges into your gifts

  • Feel empowered to create a new version of your life embodying your soul purpose and living your dream life.

During the conversation we talk about a whole range of areas such as:

  • balancing masculine and feminine energy

  • the benefits of meditation to having a healthy brain

  • the reasons why things end and new opportunities come along

And lots more ....

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Listen to this episode on Apple, Spotify, Google podcasts and Amazon


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