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Ode to Women

I recently bought myself a new candle to replenish my abundance altar (another blog post) and I came across this gorgeous candle by Glasshouse called Ode for Women. As my business is about confidence in women, I couldn't resist.

The scent is amazing and even the description on the back of box is perfect...

Here's to strong women.

May we know them, may we be them.

May we raise them.

I think it should also say may we coach them - that is my purpose in life. To work with strong ambitious women who want to build their confidence.

Tony Robbins has set out, on his website, 10 ways to be more confident. With my new candle, I am practicing gratitude. Gratitude is the path to feeling abundant and feeling abundant ultimately leads to feeling confident.

In your day, work in ways to practice gratitude ..... about anything that comes into my head. I always have something to be grateful for even if it just the sun is shining or my morning coffee tasting extra special. Practice gratitude consistently and things generally take on a more positive shine.


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