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Navigating personal change is difficult.

Change can be emotionally intense, sparking confusion, fear, anxiety, frustration, and helplessness.

Experts have even said that the experience of going through change at work or in your career can mimic that of people who are suffering from grief over the death of someone close.

Change can be very physically and emotionally draining, it can lead to burnout and and even a resistance to further change.

So recognising, acknowledging, talking through and ultimately controlling our emotional response to situations is hugely beneficial. Which is where the Emotional Culture Deck (ECD) can be used with 1-1 clients. I recently used the ECD with a client going through a redundancy situation.

Using the ECD, they identified the emotions they were feeling about the situation, discovered their desired feelings and established the steps to navigate beyond the change. All through using this simple but powerful card game.

So the ECD is not just for businesses or teams who want to understand the emotional culture.

Wherever emotions show up in life (which is pretty much everything we do), the ECD can be used to help regain a sense of understanding and control.




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