Podcast hosting behind the scenes

I moved house last weekend and my life is currently in boxes waiting to be unpacked. The good news is that I did prioritise packing my laptop, mic and mic stand so I could continue with my #Women in Confidence podcast amidst the chaos. In my last (old) house I used my walk in closet as my studio - no windows and naturally sound proofed. New (modern) house - nothing of the sort. Everything is open plan and has huge glass windows which are terrible for sound proofing and privacy.

My solution - record in my ensuite hence the toothbrushes and soap in the background. You can also see a couple of mattresses, which I used to cocoon myself from as many noises as possible. It is not ideal but I had a couple of guest interviews planned and deadlines for episode releases.

This is the reality of hosting a new #podcast and it is far from the glamour of working in a kitted out studio. Good news - the recording went well the sound quality is pretty good despite the high ceilings and tiled walls. My next investment will be a sound proofing screen which will really build on the audio quality of the show.

Being a podcast host continues to be an amazing learning and I love every part of what I do to ensure the Women in #Confidence voice is heard.

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