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The Confidence Code

As Melbourne has been in lockdown for as long as I can remember and as a city we are heading towards being the most lockdown city in the World, I have taken to reading a ton of books to educate myself (and distract me from the tedium).

My recent book of choice is The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman which is a quick easy read, to understand some of the dynamics at play with confidence in women. Humans are complex beings and this book draws attention to how our genetics, physiology, psychology, our upbringing, our working environment and I could go on, have an impact on our confidence.

As a confidence coach, I am well aware of the challenges women face when dealing with their confidence at work. This book reinforced what I already knew but it did it in a highly likeable and accessible way.

Key take aways:

Think Less

Take Action

Be Authentic

I recommend you read the book to understand these further and also get in touch with me to understand how 1-1 Confidence Coaching can guide you to be the confident person you aspire to be. I can help you to create the right thoughts, drive your ambitions into action whilst retaining your personality.


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