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Vision Boards

Like them? Skeptical? Loathe them?

Or just don't give a damn about them?? Well I didn't believe in the power of a vision board until early 2021. Last year was a professionally hard year for me (and many people I know) - my full time role was starting to become same old stuff, I started to lose respect for people at the company, little things started to niggle and I found myself losing my cool on a number of occasions. These occasions were always outside of work i.e. with my husband and never in front of anyone at work - I am far too professional for that.

So I spent some time thinking things through - I am already an huge believer that change doesn't happen; you have to be, do, think and act the change you want to be. The idea of a vision board kept coming up - a visual reminder of what I want, how I will achieve my goals and the rewards I will get for doing the work. My last Reiki session also revealed a energy block around what I wanted and my therapist recommending a vision board to get clarity on my goals and purpose.

So, as I tend to do, I looked up vision boards and wanted to see examples before I set off down my own vision board path. It turns out there is no right way - like life really! I bought myself a canvas board, some glue and stack of paper and magazines.

My 2022 vision board is coming to life - snippets of things that I have learnt about myself broken down into categories:

  • Wealth

  • Values/Strengths

  • Travel

  • Health

and various quotes or statements that having meaning to me. I have some more work to do on it but it feels like a work in progress and there is no rush to ever complete it.

Maybe I will write a progress report, 6 months into the year and I can let you know if I am now a full on believer in the power of the vision board.

#vision #confidence #2022


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