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What a Good Coach can offer

Coaching is normally about change and helping clients to make the changes that they want. However, sometimes clients are seeking freedom from change and a pause in the momentum. Great coaches are able to adapt and offer clients exactly what they need at the right time.

The list below offers some suggestions on how coaches can offer great services in difficult time and is adapted from a recent Forbes article. Whilst the focus,is very much on coping during lockdown and global pandemics, this list of suggestions are valid during any difficult period in time.

1. Be human and reach out on a regular basis.

2. Provide encouragement - a small amount of positivity can go a long way.

3. Be a short-term realist.

4. Help clients manage their 'derailers' - help clients minimise any negative thought patterns.

5. Offer bite-sized' coaching sessions virtually.

6. Support a client to become resilient - help clients move out of the fight or flight mode.

7. Be a connector - having a support network of like minded people can ease any difficulties.

8. Offer a shoulder - allow clients to vent. You might be the only person they can do this with.

9. Give their clients validation

10. Focus on coping strategies

11. Create a 'no judgment zone' - enough said.

12. Share valuable content on social media - people are online more than ever so you message will be seen and will be powerful to people.

13. Be flexible in their offerings - standard approaches are no longer normal so adapt and overcome.


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