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What is your 2022 word?

Whilst I think that setting a New Year's resolution is a futile activity - who the heck is still doing their resolution 365 days later? However I do like to define key words that set out what I want to feel, act and do throughout the year. Do you have a word for the year? How has that influenced your year? And what is your word for 2022?

Mine is #OOMPH - I am going into the New Year with an energy and excitement about what is going to come. Shaking off the Covid malaise and frustration is going to be critical for me.

So I am saying YES to social connection, fun and leadership. I will be saying NO to the regular 9 to 5 and anything that clips my wings.

Being cheeky I am going to add a 2nd word for 2022 and that is #BOUNDARIES. I am going to use the remaining months of this year what my professional and personal boundaries are going to be. I will be writing on this topic in my next blog post

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