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Where my energy was spent in 2021

I had a snooze over lunch today. I haven’t slept during the day for years but on reflection it is obvious why I am so tired. For all of 2021 I have been:

· Striving

· Fighting

· Surviving

· Failing

· Thriving

· Creating

· Growing

· Shrinking

· Networking

· Coordinating

· Managing

· Leading

· Listening

· Forecasting

· Pivoting

· Delivering

· Hiring

· Firing

And many other verbs that require action and energy – sometimes at the same time. What I need right now is resting, recharging, and being.

One more day, of work, to go before I switch off and relax.

I will finish off 2021 doing the actions that come easily to me - Laughing and Smiling

Check out my video on this

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