Why I focus on confidence coaching

I have been asked a few times recently why I focus on confidence coaching and only work with women.

I didn't start my coaching business with the intention to work solely with women but my business has evolved that way and I no longer attract males into my coaching practice. That being said, I have a better understanding of confidence in women because I have lived experiences I can draw on and perhaps that gives me greater empathy and connection.

But confidence is confidence right and in its purest form is gender neutral; through my research, confidence is an inner knowing and inner peace which is then manifested externally. Such inner work is not the domain of males or females. However, what can be different is how much inner work is required due to social norms and constructs that are imposed on females as they grow up. For women the pressure to be a particular type of person is far greater and therefore it can take longer and more work to unpick the societal messages that bombard women from youth through adulthood through to motherhood (if appropriate) and it even carries on until middle age or more. Do any of these phrases sound familiar:

'Be a good girl'

'Can you be a little bit less'

'Can you be a little bit more'

'Be attractive and sexy'

'Don't be too attractive'

'Too emotional'

'Too fat'

'Too thin'

'Speak up'

'Don't stand out'

All this is played out in front of women in so many forms that the noise can be deafening and confusing. So it is no wonder women can lack confidence. The impact that low confidence can have on families, communities, workplaces, society and going beyond these boundaries is significant and one of the reasons why I focus on coaching women back to their confident selves.

The good news is that confidence is not static and where you might have spiralled into a cycle of low confidence - you can reverse the motion. That is where I can help my clients because I can highlight to the individual where they are in the spiral and work with them to get back to the level of confidence they want.

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