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Why is it important for employees to share their emotions at work?

'When teams have supportive environments where members share their feelings and empathetically respond to each other, they can increase their ability to solve problems, elaborate information, and generate ideas.'

The research continues to prove that encouraging and supporting the show of emotions in the workplace supports creativity, innovation, decision making, empathy and trust.

  • New research from Wharton management professor Michael Parke highlights the benefits of expressing emotions in the workplace.

  • This creates a supportive environment which can increase the ability of team members to solve problems, elaborate information and create ideas.

  • Therefore, sharing emotions has the overall effect of enhancing workplace creativity.

  • Parke said the most important thing managers can do right now to start this process is stop dismissing employees' emotions.

If you are keen to understand to understand the emotional culture of your organisation and subsequently create a new approach, aligned to your organisational strategy, get in touch on

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